Services Overview

Congregation Anshei Sfard aims to offer minyanim three times a day in addition to services every Shabbos and Yom Tov. The main sanctuary is beautifully designed with a mechitza that separates men and women while allowing both to fully enjoy the service. Our service is traditionally Ashkenazic despite our Sephardic name. We use the Artscroll Siddur and Chumash, which makes each service an occasion for learning as well as prayer. Page numbers are regularly announced so that everyone can keep pace with the service. Tunes are traditional, so everyone can comfortably sing along.

Service Times

Daily 7:00 am
Evening 20 minutes before sunset
Friday Evening during the Summer 7:15 pm
Shabbos 9:00 am
Sunday 8:30 am – followed by Rabbi Snaid’s Talmud class at 9:15 am


Following services, members are invited to a delicious Kiddush. Congregation Anshei Sfard provides a Kiddush every Shabbos. Herring, gefilte fish, fruit, bagels, crackers, various types of cake and pastries, and assorted drinks are generally provided. The Kiddush provides members with a wonderful opportunity to mingle and socialize.

Shalosh Seudos

Every week, Anshei Sfard provides a delicious multi-course third meal. It is served after Mincha and before the Maariv service. It is a great way to start your week off right. Typically, we serve a selection of cold meats and fresh bakery products. Other times, we serve a strictly dairy meal with bagels and lox, tuna, egg salad, and breads of all varieties. You do not want to miss this special treat. Kiddushes and Shalosh Seudos may be sponsored by calling the office at (502) 451-3122.