The Louisville Vaad is charged with the responsibility of maintaining the Louisville Mikvah. Jewish law denotes a Mikvah as an essential component of every Jewish community. It is the only communal institution that takes precedence in being built before a synagogue and Jewish school.

The Jewish family unit has always enjoyed an almost legendary reputation for morality and stability. The Jewish system for preserving this moral integrity of the family is embodied in the Biblical Laws of Family Purity and Mikvah. In addition to its ritual uses, it is also commonly used by brides as well as in adoption and conversion ceremonies.

To make an appointment to visit our Mikvah, please call Sheila Lynch (502) 896-9736, Heidi Wolk (502) 552-9706, or Goldie Litvin at (502) 494-3774.  For men, please call Rabbi Hillel Smulowitz (502) 458-8394.